Who we are

The business has been providing horse education services for 18 years.  It is managed by Gavin and Heather Beever who have a been involved with horses for most of their lives.

They established a horse training and education business in 1998 and also ran a professional thoroughbred racing stable for 6 years.  H-ED, Horse Education is based at their property “Cumbre” in Emu Creek, near Bendigo, in Central Victoria.

Ashleigh Glascott is a key member of the team. An experienced competition rider; she helps turn out calm, trusting horses that are ready for their riding future.

Gavin started breaking in horses in 1985. Over the years he has developed a trust based approach, using a series of steps that involves first establishing a calm attitude and yields on the ground; prior to progressing to a willing acceptance of the rider and their directions.

Horses are exposed to different challenges, which they learn to overcome with their trainer in preparation for what they will experience when they leave.