Horse Starting (Breaking)

We use a trust based training approach.  Starting a horse typically takes 4 to 6 weeks.  Once the training is complete we can transition the horse to the owner/rider at Cumbre, prior to it going home.

Upon completion of the education period your horse will:

  1. Stand quietly and be handled all over, groomed and have hooves cleaned
  2. Lead on and halt when asked
  3. Be confident under saddle
  4. Transition through walk, trot and canter
  5. Work in a balanced way on both diagonals at the trot and both leads at the canter
  6. Stand in a wash bay and be washed
  7. Be able to be rugged
  8. Be able to have teeth checked and mouth handled
  9. Be able to be medicated by mouth
  10. Be able to be shod with confidence
  11. Load confidently in a float
  12. Be able to tie up
  13. Be able to be ridden into and out of water
  14. Be able to be ridden in company
  15. Racehorses will be able to follow a rail, be ridden in a pad and loaded in a starting stall