Horse Starting (Breaking)

We use a trust based training approach. Starting a horse typically takes a 4 to 6 week education period. Once the training is complete we can transition the horse to the owner/rider at Cumbre prior to it be returned.

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We provide horse starting (breaking), remedial training and pre-training services. Owners are kept regularly updated on their horse's progress.

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Who We Are

The business has been providing horse education services for 18 years. It is managed by Gavin and Heather Beever who have a been involved with horses for most of their lives.

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Clients really appreciate the end results

They can come and ride their horse at Cumbre until they are happy to go on with them at home. Horses educated have been placed with a number of leading racing stables and with a wide range of owners, covering all horse disciplines.

“I have always found them to be willing, trusting, calm and relaxed; even on my first ride. For anyone looking for a great start to their horse I most highly recommend them to you.” – Chloe Bailey